EC-RIDER is an interdisciplinary research project. EC-RIDER stands for Explainable AI Methods for Human-Centric Shared Mobility Services.

The consortium comprises five internationally renowned universitary working groups from Germany and Israel, covering the core scientific areas required for achieving the project goals. It is a multi-disciplinary team of professionals from computer science, intelligent transportation systems, economics and psychology.

EC-RIDER studies socio-technical challenges that hamper sustainable shared urban mobility. We propose an explainable, human-centric AI-enabled approach for tackling hard coordination and optimization problems in flexible on-demand ridesharing (including and combining carpooling and ridehailing). Our novel focus is on maximizing user satisfaction, for which providing appropriate explanations for decisions of the AI algorithms is vital.

Five research objectives demonstrate the EC-RIDER innovation potential:

  1. Understand and model human motivation and behaviour, while maintaining user privacy.
  2. Develop and evaluate new business and operations models including pricing and incentive schemes, to achieve a satisfactory degree of social welfare.
  3. Develop and evaluate novel algorithmic AI methods to find sustainable ridesharing assignments.
  4. Develop and evaluate new methodologies for explaining decisions of these AI algorithms to human users, aiming to increase user satisfaction.
  5. Develop new methodologies enabling collecting user feedback on assignments and explanations, and devising and evaluating algorithms that use this feedback to improve assignment algorithms and explanations.

Through focusing on sustainability and user satisfaction, EC-RIDER aims to contribute significantly to future shared mobility services, addressing societal challenges such as participation and climate change. Results and their impact on society are evaluated through empirical user studies and simulation experiments.


EC-RIDER is supported by Volkswagen Foundation through a Planning Grant in the Artificial Intelligence and the Society of the Future programme.